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$15 Off $100 Gift Certificate


by Dylan Kenneson, Instructor, SIG SAUER Academy
How many of us have ever experienced a range session were no matter how hard we try it seems the target moves out of the way of the bullet a millisecond before the shot impacts?  We spend a lot of our hard earned money on expensive pistols that never seem to hold up to their end of the deal and do their job, which is hit the target they are aimed at!  Unfortunately for a shooter nowadays the excuse that a modern manufactured, out of the box handgun is “off” is generally not the case.  Subjects that are often overlooked or misinterpreted when dealing with handguns and precision should be looked at before the equipment is blamed.
There are only two things needed to make a successful shot, stabilizing the muzzle on the target (referenced by the sights) and pressing the trigger to the rear without adding extra movement to the muzzle.  The fit of the pistol to the shooters hand is often neglected when a handgun purchase is made. Would you by a pair of shoes that aren’t comfortable?  Trigger finger placement on the trigger is important.  If the index finger lands on the side of the trigger because of improper fit the possibility for unwanted movement taking place as the trigger is pressed can cause a miss down range.  With this statement being made the other subject is sights.  Sight picture, or how the sights are viewed on the target when the front and rear sights are aligned is a topic sometimesmisunderstood by the shooter.  It is important to know where the bullet will impact in relation to your sights.  Sights are often broken down into two types, point of aim/point of impact (commonly called “combat” sights) and traditional target sights (or six o’clock hold).  Mixing a target hold with combat style sights will generally result in shots impacting low, and vice versa.  Keep these subjects in mind next time you find yourself cursing at your gun for not hitting the target!          

Blackhawk Announces Facebook Contest for January!

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60 & 100 Round Mags from Surefire!

Personally, I haven't tried these.  I have read some reviews where some worked and some didin't.  It is my understanding that the inital ones that came out had an occasional problem, while others stated that they didn't have any problems at all.  In the end, if any mag is used and abused it will eventually give you problems. 

Way to Take a Stand Sen. Ferrioli!

Health Insurance Survey Targets Gun Owners

Oregon State Senator Ted Ferrioli.
Oregon State Senator Ted Ferrioli.
Oregon State Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-Dist. 30) was upset over a survey distributed to state workers by managed care organization Kaiser Permanente.

“The questionnaire asked the workers to volunteer lifestyle information that would be used to assist medical professionals in tailoring wellness plans,” Blue Mountain Eagle reported. “One part asks about gun ownership and how securely guns are kept. Ferrioli took issue with lumping gun ownership in with statements about risky behaviors.”

“The question ridiculously equated gun ownership to drunkenness, reckless driving, and other criminal behavior,” he said. “The assumption insults people who exercise a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. These issues have no bearing on an individual’s wellness plan.”

Kaiser Permanente agreed to delete the question from the forms. Ferrioli has also asked that the company to purge any gun ownership data that was already collected.

Source: Blue Mountain Eagle 12/16/11

Great Picture of Daniel Horner!

I don't think anyone would argue that Daniel Horner is the "Superman" of 3 Gun.  Here is another great pic of him in action.  I believe credit goes to the photographers involved with 3 Gun Nation.

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Crimson Trace Discounted!

If you have been debating the purchase of one of these, now would be the time to buy!

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New AR-15 Rifle Barrel from Nordic

Nordic .223 Rem. 18" Competition Barrel

Nordic .223 Rem. 18" Competition Barrel

    • Item #: BBL-18R-223R
    Nordic .223 Rem. 18" Competition Barrel
    This is Nordic Components' newest barrel for the AR-15 type weapon. This 416R Stainless Steel barrel is 18" long with a rifle length gas system. Chambered in .223 Rem with a 1 in 8" twist rate, it is the perfect barrel for your competition rifle. The barrel smoothly transitions to an .800 diameter that runs all the way to the gas block. It steps down to .750 for the gas block area and then is a .740 diameter until the 1/2"-28 threads at the muzzle. It is compatible with any 1/2"-28 threaded flash hider, compensator or suppressor. The barrel is furnished with an M4 style barrel extension and weighs 2 lbs., 6 oz.

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    Contest from Nosler!

    Find Nosler on Facebook to enter!

    Patrick E. Kelley Discusses Trigger Control

    Shooting can sometimes seem easy until you are "on the clock."   Every now and then it helps to get back to the basics of breathing, sight alignment, and trigger control.  For most, once the buzzer/timer goes off, all plans are thrown out the window and sometimes the basics too. 

    Focus on fundamentals.  Patrick E. Kelley discusses trigger control and relays a tip to help improve it. 

     TODAY ONLY (12/16/2011) Brownells has FREE ground shipping on all orders over $50. Use code DLW at checkout to save!

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    Slide Fire Announcement for AK's!

    Below is a note from the president of Slide Fire Solutions. If you haven't checked out one their stocks you are missing what looks to be a truly fun and cheaper alternative than chasing the class III license. Slide Fire Solutions, Inc. Today marks Slide Fire Solutions one year anniversary! This first year has been absolutely amazing and for me very surreal. I want to thank each and every person that has helped make this company what it is and believes in our products. Your support, encouragement, and excitement to make the shooting industry fun and entertaining is what drives us all to continue what we have started. It is my pleasure to announce that on Monday, December 19th, we will begin taking orders and start shipping the SSAK-47 XRS. I apologize for the lack of teasers, but I wanted to ensure that we did not disappoint! Without doubt the SSAK-47 XRS is going to be every bit worth the wait. By far ... the best yet! If you do not believe in miracles ... stop by Slide Fire Solutions and see them daily first hand. Without further delay .... bring on the video teasers!!!! Sincerely, Jeremiah Cottle President

    Lone Survivor Foundation Three Gun Raffle

    Help those who have given so much to our country and win a custom 1911 Night Shrike, FNH USA Scar and SLP from Predator Tactical!
    In support of the Lone Survivor Foundation, Predator Tactical, FNH, Crimson Trace, MGM Targets and Wilson Combat will be raffling off over $15,000 in prizes including a one of a kind custom 1911 Night Shrike!

    Tickets are available online at and also at the Shot Show. Drawing will be held during the Warriors Appreciation Night January 19th, 2012. You do not need to be present to win.  The proceeds from the raffle will go to the Lone Survivor Foundation.

    Pistol Details:
    • Wilson Combat Aluminum Tactical Rail Frame
    • 4” Stainless Steel Slide with cocking serrations, top serrations and fluting
    • Custom LSF Engraving
    • Ambi-Safeties
    • Predator Tac-Well
    • Crimson Trace Master Series Laser Grips
    • 5 Custom Laser Marked Magazines

    Rifle Details:
    • FNH SCAR in .556
    • Vortex Scope
    • Crimson Trace Green Laser Fore Grip
    • Rifle Case
    • 10 Magpul Magazines
    Shotgun Details:
    • FNH SLP 12 guage
    Additional Prizes:
    • $250 in MGM Steel Targets
    • Lifetime membership to
    • ESS Glasses
    • Range bag
    • One day of private training with Matt Burkett in Arizona
    • Complete set of training DVDs and Apparel from Predator Tactical.
    • More prizes being added!

     Please note: All State, Federal and Local Laws apply. ONLY US residents can win. Firearms may only be shipped to a licensed dealer (FFL Holder). Some listed items may not be legal in every state. Please check your state laws prior to purchasing tickets. Recipient is responsible for any transfer fee’s and taxes.

    Predator Tactical LLC by Matt Burkett will design, develop, manufacture, and distribute innovative firearms, accessories, and training products to address existing shortcomings in military, law enforcement, and civilian markets.

    Team Stag Arms Posts Strong Inaugural 3-Gun Season

    NEW BRITAIN, CT - Team Stag Arms inaugural year was a successful first year with great potential for growth in the sport of 3-Gun in the future. Team members Kalani Laker and Jesse Tischauser consistently placed in the top ten at matches and finished the year with Kalani ranked 35th and Jesse 48th overall, and in their division (Tactical Optics) Kalani finished 12th and Jesse 20th.

    At the final match of the season, the FNH 3-Gun Championship in Glengary, WV; Kalani Laker finished well in the Tactical Optics division with a 6th place finish and two overall stage wins. The stage wins were the talk of the town at the awards banquet. Jesse Tischauser finished 9th in the Open division, impressive for his first time competing the Open division where some of the best shooters compete.

    At the 3-Gun Nation Championships, Kalani was able to make the top 16 shoot-off again this year out of the most talented group of shooters ever assembled. Jesse just barely missed the cut, but weather had a lot to do with it as it was very cold and windy in the morning when he got drawn for his starting time slot.

    Unfortunately, in the shoot-off, Kalani couldn't make it past the first round like he did at the Ozark 3-Gun match. However Kalani is healing well from an injury earlier this year and it has shown in the past few matches. It is evident that Team Stag Arms will be a common fixture in the shoot-offs and division rankings for some time.

    Jesse and Kalani are on a phenomenal roll. They have amassed a remarkable amount of top ten finishes and shoot-off appearances as a team, only surpassed by the US Army Marksmanship Unit. The best part of the final match, perhaps a good indication of Team Stag Arms' influence the past few months, were the remarks by a few top tier shooters saying they were contemplating using the Stag Arms Model 3G in competition next year. They wanted to know want ammunition to use for the best results. That is a huge compliment!

    Stag Arms and Team Stag Arms are both excited and looking forward to a great 2012 3-Gun season.

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    The Midwest 3 Gun Championship now has a new website!  The website now has an online registration feature and some local match dates.

    We are putting In-Stock NC22 Upper's on sale through Christmas or until they are gone.
    Get an 18" or 20" with a .750 diameter barrel for just $449 and a 16" for only $425. We are announcing this to our Facebook fans first. We will announce it on the forums this Friday. HURRY UP and get yours before Christmas.

    Monday, December 12, 2011

    Sig Sauer is offering discounted .22 Conversion kits for the holidays!

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    Hot Shots Promo Poster.......Is it a Top Shot Rival?

    Funny Story from Shooters Connection on Facebook

    Funny story today.  We get an order from a new customer and notice he is close to us, in fact in the same town, and across the street.  We called him up and explained where we were.  He had no idea. He walked across the street to pick up his order.  He found us through a link on USPSA's web page.

    Thursday, December 8, 2011

    Contest for Free Stag Arms Stuff!

    MGM Targets Reveal Monthly Give-A-Way

    December 8 : 2011
    MGM Targets Reveal Monthly Give-A-Way
    Gift Certificates, rail systems, .22 uppers, Eye Pro, shooting mats, slings, data books, knives, suppressors are just a few of the prizes that MGM Targets will be giving away as they proudly introduced their 2012 Customer Appreciation Contest today in Caldwell, ID. This contest will be tied to their Monthly Specials that have proven to be such a successful program for MGM and their customers. Every month MGM Targets will take the list of customers who have bought that month's special and draw the winning names for a prize reward. A prize from each of the participating companies will be awarded so the chances of winning will be multiplied by the final number of companies participating.

    MGM has contacted many of their industry colleagues whom happily choose to participate. Some of these partners who have declared their interest in this monthly drawing are Safariland, , Seekins Precision, , Predator Tactical, , DPMS, , ESS Eye Pro, , FNH, , , Benchmade, , and Primary Weapons, , to name a few. There are others who wish to participate but the particulars have not been finalized.

    Jim Potter, with MGM Targets, stressed, "This will be one of the biggest giveaways in the industry in 2012. There will be one prize from each partnered industry colleagues given away every single month. This is a great program that will reward our loyal customer base. Every month names will be drawn from the list of customers who have bought our monthly target special. Lots of prizes every single month through 2012."

    More details will be released in January as MGM kicks off this exciting contest. MGM Targets will be at the Shot Show in booth number 20226 for those who wish more information. Announcements will also be made on the MGM website, and on their Facebook page, Mike Gibson Manufacturing or by calling MGM Targets direct at 208-454-0555.

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    The final scores are in!  Just follow the link below.  From most accounts it sounded like a great match, see some of the quotes.

    photo by: Spartan Tactical

    "Great match and big thanks to everyone involved. The range, terrain, food, stages, RO's, stats, sponsors, match hotels and prize tables were amazing. I can't wait for next year."
    Jesse Tischauser

    "Thank you to all of the staff for a well run and fun match."
    Shane Guintner

    "I'll definitely be back again next year, hopefully with some practice."
    Alan Elam           

    Oh yea, the prize table wasn't bad either! 

    photo by: Spartan Tactical

    Game Gun: The Stag 3G Review, by Patrick Sweeney

    In some circles, Stag is known as either the left-handed AR maker or the plain-jane AR maker. Well, that isn’t the case anymore. Stag has unveiled a top-end AR that is meant for a particular market—the 3-Gun shooter. However, it’s more than just that. The evolution of the AR has brought us to a realization: top-end ARs are very versatile rifles and can do a lot more than you might think.

    You can view the full article here:

    CZ Discounts!

    Searching for holiday gift ideas? Stop by the CZ-USA webstore and get 15% off any order all month long!

    Phil Strader New USPSA President!

    USPSA - Announcements
    2012 Runoff Election Results

    The results of the 2012 Presidential and A5 runoff elections are now tallied and official and all candidates have been informed of the outcome.
    The results are as follows:
    Area 5 Director: Farris 401 53.0%, Drazy 356 47.0%
    President: Strader 2,892 53.2%, Voigt 2,548 46.8%

    V-92 MOLLE Pouch/ SureFire 60 Rnd Magazine - Coyote - $59.00

    The V92 holds one SureFire 60-round high-capacity magazine (MAG5-60). Constructed from heavy-duty nylon fabric in Coyote Brown color, it features Mil-Spec elastic webbing around the pouch mouth and large Velcro® closure strips for superior retention. The V92 uses the MOLLE/PALS attachment system, and has two extra PALS webbing strips on the front panel for additional gear. Made in the USA; complies with Berry Amendment.


  • Holds one SureFire 60-round MAG5-60 high-capacity magazine

  • Heavy-duty nylon fabric construction

  • Mil-Spec elastic mouth webbing and large Velcro® seal for positive retention

  • Two PALS webbing strips on front of pouch

  • Dimension with magazine inside: 9.5" L x 3.5" W x 2.75" H

  • Made in USA; Berry Amendment compliant
  • Revos Media - Marketing, Graphic Design, Creative, Web Sites
    Revos Media is a dynamic marketing & media agency providing business consultations, marketing strategies and creative services for outdoor, hunting and shooting industry since 1999.

    1,000 Free Stages for download!

    I came accross this and thought it was pretty neat.  If you are trying to rack your brain for different stage ideas, quit.  Just visit the link below and you can choose between Comstock or Virginia count!

    Posted Image

    New Discounts from Midway USA

    Add regular price, in-stock products to your cart totaling:
    $100 or more - Use Promotion Code 10141177 for $10 off
    $200 or more - Use Promotion Code 20141177 for $20 off
    $300 or more - Use Promotion Code 30141177 for $30 off
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    One of These Days.....Yea Right!

    Brownells Deals

    Brownells 12 Days of Christmas - Day 1: Federal/Lake City 5.56 420-Round Ammo Can On Sale Today for $139.99! Use coupon authorization code 556556 at checkout.

    Check out Brownells, Sinclair, and's Deals here:

    Are Shooting Calendars Getting Better?

    Magpul has released their new calendar for 2012.  I think they are asking $14.95 ea. 

    Well, they have a bunch of likes on Facebook!

    Reloading Deals @ Midway USA

    Midway USA has these on sale for $12.49!  Sale expires 12/31/2011
    On Lee Precision's website they are listed for $30.98.  Looks like a good deal!

    Double Reward Points @ Bass Pro Shops

    For those of you who have signed up for their rewards program they have double reward points from now until Saturday, December 3rd, 2011.

    "Must have coupon"