Monday, December 19, 2011

Way to Take a Stand Sen. Ferrioli!

Health Insurance Survey Targets Gun Owners

Oregon State Senator Ted Ferrioli.
Oregon State Senator Ted Ferrioli.
Oregon State Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-Dist. 30) was upset over a survey distributed to state workers by managed care organization Kaiser Permanente.

“The questionnaire asked the workers to volunteer lifestyle information that would be used to assist medical professionals in tailoring wellness plans,” Blue Mountain Eagle reported. “One part asks about gun ownership and how securely guns are kept. Ferrioli took issue with lumping gun ownership in with statements about risky behaviors.”

“The question ridiculously equated gun ownership to drunkenness, reckless driving, and other criminal behavior,” he said. “The assumption insults people who exercise a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. These issues have no bearing on an individual’s wellness plan.”

Kaiser Permanente agreed to delete the question from the forms. Ferrioli has also asked that the company to purge any gun ownership data that was already collected.

Source: Blue Mountain Eagle 12/16/11

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