Thursday, December 15, 2011

Slide Fire Announcement for AK's!

Below is a note from the president of Slide Fire Solutions. If you haven't checked out one their stocks you are missing what looks to be a truly fun and cheaper alternative than chasing the class III license. Slide Fire Solutions, Inc. Today marks Slide Fire Solutions one year anniversary! This first year has been absolutely amazing and for me very surreal. I want to thank each and every person that has helped make this company what it is and believes in our products. Your support, encouragement, and excitement to make the shooting industry fun and entertaining is what drives us all to continue what we have started. It is my pleasure to announce that on Monday, December 19th, we will begin taking orders and start shipping the SSAK-47 XRS. I apologize for the lack of teasers, but I wanted to ensure that we did not disappoint! Without doubt the SSAK-47 XRS is going to be every bit worth the wait. By far ... the best yet! If you do not believe in miracles ... stop by Slide Fire Solutions and see them daily first hand. Without further delay .... bring on the video teasers!!!! Sincerely, Jeremiah Cottle President